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We understand the importance of defending your rights. And when your rights are at stake, we fight to protect them.

Freedom of Information

When government fails to provide legally required transparency, we will ensure they follow the law—to the letter.

Criminal Defense

We advocate for our clients in seeking fair resolution to legal challenges. When the law is stacked against you, we level the playing field.

Political Law

From thorny fundraising issues to difficult compliance issues we counsel candidates, elected officials, and others in need.

Our Focus

Civil Litigation

The Hardin Law Office handles select civil litigation for both plaintiffs and defendants. Our firm’s plaintiff-side civil litigation practice has a special emphasis on suits against the government for violations of statutory or Constitutional rights, and suits involving consumers whose rights have been violated under state and federal consumer protection laws. Our defense-side civil practice focuses on issues of free speech in the internet age, including advising technology entrepreneurs about their rights under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

Criminal Defense

As a former chief prosecutor in Virginia, Matt Hardin understands the tools that the government has at its disposal to investigate criminal activity and hold wrongdoers accountable. But he also understands how those tools can sometimes trip up an honest citizen who isn’t familiar with the system. When your freedom is at stake, Matt has the experience it takes to defend your rights and protect your future.

Sunshine Laws

Government works best when it works openly. Matt Hardin has spent almost his entire career litigating requests under the Freedom of Information Act and similar statutes in courts from cost to coast. Whether you’re a journalist investigating the activities of the government, a citizen looking to find out how your tax dollars are being spent, or a business owner or member of the regulated community trying to better understand the bureaucratic challenges you face, Matt can help.

Political Law

The Hardin Law Office understands that whether you’re a citizen looking to support the candidates of your choice, or are thinking of running for office yourself, the maze of campaign finance regulations and ballot access laws can be difficult to navigate. Our firm helps candidates and interested groups comply with campaign finance regulations, and helps candidates and political parties to ensure that their names appear on the ballot.


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