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Matt Hardin

When the government overreaches, you need somebody who will fight for your rights. Matt Hardin has what it takes to fight for you.
From November 2017 to December 2019, Matt served as the chief prosecutor (Commonwealth’s Attorney) for Greene County, Virginia. He prosecuted crimes ranging from traffic violations to major felonies, and assisted state and local law enforcement with their investigations. Matt knows how law enforcement agents and private investigators look for evidence, and he knows the mistakes that are most commonly made. He knows the training our local officers have been through, with its strengths and weaknesses.
Matt’s primary focus in private practice has always been holding government accountable for its actions. Matt has represented citizens’ groups and individual plaintiffs in litigation under the federal Freedom of Information Act as well as state analogue statutes in courts nationwide. Matt is never afraid to take a case no matter who the defendant is. He’s represented individuals and nonprofits in court against Hillary Clinton’s State Department, powerful universities, and even the Attorneys General of Virginia, New York, and Vermont. 
These days, Matt focuses on working for citizens whose rights have been violated by the government. Whether you’re seeking government records, administrative relief from bureaucrats who are threatening your business, or even if you’ve been charged with a crime in state or federal court, Matt will fight for you and ensure you get the respect you deserve from our government and our court system.

Where does Matt Hardin Practice?
From the heart of Washington, D.C., Matt represents clients nationwide. In addition to the District of Columbia, Matt is licensed to practice in six states and dozens of federal courts across the country. From the county courthouse to the U.S. Supreme Court and everywhere in between, Matt makes an effort to travel wherever his clients need him. If you need help and aren’t in a court where Matt regularly practices, he may also be able to represent you pro hac vice in connection with a local attorney. Even if Matt can’t help with your matter, he’ll do his best to help you find some one who can.