Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense in State Courts

For two years, Matt served as the chief prosecutor for Greene County, Virginia. As the Commonwealth’s Attorney, Matt and his team were responsible for prosecuting hundreds of defendants, in thousands of criminal cases, each year. He’s seen almost every kind of case: from traffic violations, to DWI, to probation violations, conspiracy, solicitation, or even rape. 
When you hire Matt Hardin, you’re putting a former chief prosecutor with thousands of cases under his belt to work for you and your interests. He can draw on his knowledge from thousands of other cases to advise you about the best possible solutions and make sure that your rights are protected at every step along the way. When your freedom is at stake, you can trust Matt to fight for you and your interests.

Are You Facing Federal Charges?


The U.S. Government has thousands of lawyers whose job it is to trip you up. Isn’t it time you had a voice?

Since the United States was founded, new criminal laws have been added to the books every single year. The Federal Government has made so many new crimes that a famous law professor, Harvey Silvergate, wrote a book in which he argued that the average person could unknowingly commit three felonies a day. And when the federal government has you in its crosshairs, it has nearly unlimited resources to put you in prison or bring you to financial ruin. 

That’s where Matt comes in. When you hire Matt, you’re not just putting a lawyer in your corner. You’re putting a former prosecutor, who has seen almost every case and every outcome, to work for you. Matt understands how prosecutors work with law enforcement to find the evidence that paints you or your business in the most unflattering light possible, but he also understands how to counter it and how to exercise your rights both inside and outside the courtroom. 

When the full might of the U.S. Government is being brought to bear against you, you need help to fight back. Put Matt Hardin to work for you.

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